Sarah L Robinson captures life's important moments! Please order my book "The Crystal Phoenix.  It's 3.99 on amazon Kindle.  This is an E-book.  I really want to get it out there or have a publisher see it, and help me with editing,


I create fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects, from portraits and landscapes to still lifes and abstracts.  I also am  a writer and I am currently working on a book called "The Crystal Phoenix."  Please order at Amazon Kindle, only at 3.99.  This is an e-book because I am working on another draft.  This is my first book and I hope a publisher sees it....

My Book

My book is a metaphysical time traveling religious and Sci-fi all built into one with graphics done by me.


I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual style. My style and technique are broad and flexible.


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